im subi!
one emo bitch

16 - istj - he/she/they
scorpio ☀ - scorpio ☽ - scorpio ☿
i cant use neopronouns

tumblr / antibiotx
discord / subi#7848

qpps with glitz and allen

💝↓ my super best friends!↓💝

↓franchises i like!↓
south park
black butler
star trek
camp camp
ok ko

ask about my ids if u would like, i block doubles

i love animals! my favorites are sea lions, bats, bugs, guinea pigs, and hermit crabs!
my favorite characters are nozomi tojo, ciel phantomhive, gregory violet, clyde donovan, kevin stoley, and radicles! i also love spock with all my heart!!!
i love spones too
spirk is ok.