absolute zero
kinda my fav story. in the beginning there were 2 dragons, fire and ice. they made the whole world. an evil alchemist who is yet to be named killed the fire dragon, thus causing an ice age. he dies, nobody knowing what he'd done, except his son, who vows to kill the ice dragon and end the world. blah blah blah years later that guy starts a cult and is the koolaid guy all over again. a bunch of people are excited to die once he kills the ice dragon but a bunch of vigilantes find out and have to stop him from it. it all starts a girl named svetlana is walking her dog and finds a mutant bear in the snow and she takes her in and gets all trapped in the stuff. features an android.
there are so many holes in this story. i gotta fix it

for every ocean in the world there is a guardian,
a game with zombies and its got levels and unique characters for each level (but the smaller grunt charas can appear in many levels) its got a paper look like how parappa is